This is the Academy of Arts and Imbecility
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"There is True Art in Interpreting the World through the Minds of Imbeciles"
-- GOMER the GREEK, 2001 BC *
It is with sadness that we post news of the death of the creator of this website,
Wyatt James (a.k.a. Grobius Shortling),
on January 12, 2006. Visit Wyatt’s memorial page here.--

The Academy of Arts and Imbecility
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This is the home page for the Grobius and Fishe Academy.**

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PS. Apologies for some of the screwed-up links to the Tripod and AOL web sites -- they got banned for violating T-o-S. So the Academy will have to edit the web pages...whenever. There are other missing links too. I have not been diligent lately, and we have been under attack by the IRS, the Bush Administration, and the Christian Morality folks.
-- GS, Chancellor and Exchequer

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What Is Spam?
9/11/02: Is This Web Site Static?
Democracy: Why Condits Don't Work
Snake Interview
Bar Folks
Triskaidekamber: Calendar Reform
The Isle of Farnish
A Fable by Gomer the Greek
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Faith, Religion, and Politics

Farnish Witch Academy
(a member of the Imbecility Conference)

* They had a problem back then, too, with the year 2000, even though they were counting the years backward; the only difference is that they not only didn't have computers but didn't know what year they were living in. If you would like to read more about Gomer the Greek, please click here.

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Imbecile, im'be-sil, - sël, adj. feeble (now generally in mind): fatuous, ---n. one whose defective mental state (from birth or an early age) does not amount to idiocy, but who is incapable of managing his own affairs, ---n. imbecil'ity [Fr. imbécille (now imbécile) -- L. imbëcillus; origin unknown.]
-- Chambers Dictionary

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World Trade Center under Construction, 1971

We used to be able to see this on the horizon this from atop the hill behind the Academy

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