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Deflating Mayor Giuliani*

This is a very popular mayor, but he has been in office for six years and is showing the effects of Lord Acton's "Power Corrupts" Axiom -- more justification, if any is needed, for the application of term limitations. However, we will try to be fair, starting out with the accomplishments of this man. (Note that not all successes and failures can be attributed directly to the mayor. On the other hand, if he wants his time in office to go down in history as the "Giuliani Era" -- which is something all such egocentrics strive for, their own era -- he will have to bear full responsibility.)

Good Things

Mixed Things Bad Things Bad Things Other People Are Doing: It's not just the Mayor

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"We'll scan in that great picture and have a trash the mayor page -- his war on squeegie men, hot dog vendors, cabbies, and pet owners who live near Times Square. Also his puritanical war against women who make an honest living by stripping. This violation of human rights has got to be stopped!

"On the other hand, I agree that all welfare recipients should be given wooden sticks with a nail on the end and assigned to picking up garbage. Also, teen-age girls who give birth out of wedlock should be publicly whipped (naked of course) in Steinbrenner's new stadium before the start of every baseball game. Assault on a police horse will be a death-penalty offense, with public hanging in Battery Park. And three-card-monte men will have their hands cut off if they ply their trade within 500 feet of City Hall. If our illustrious mayor adopts these policies, I may even forgive him."

Grobius 7/26/98

I have no personal gripes with Mayor Giuliani, in fact approve more than disapprove of him (although I don't like him much). Fact is, however, that his power has gone to his head -- not affecting the combover, which never was convincing -- and his ego has become overinflated, as apparently, since he has gained a lot of weight in office, his corset is shoving flesh up into his shoulders, hence the "hunchback" term. It is time to deflate the man somewhat. The Pols and Liberals are doing that already, as expected (even the Republican Party, which he 'betrayed' by being too much a citified radical -- they hate that in the Corn Belt), but a touch of mockery with no ideological cause strikes me as something worth doing.

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